Are you seeing clients during the Covid-19 crisis?

Yes, I am doing sessions online using doxy.me.

How long have you been in practice?

I’ve been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 30 years, serving individuals and families in Laguna Hills, California. I’ve been in private practice at the same location in south Orange County for the duration of that time.

Where are you located?

My office address is 23421 South Pointe Drive, Suite #130, Laguna Hills, CA.

Do you take insurance?

It’s not really if I take insurance, it’s if your insurance takes me, and what they will or will not pay. I am currently on the Preferred Provider List for both the Cigna, Aetna and Anthem Blue Cross Insurance Companies. Other insurance companies will sometimes partially pay for a therapist who is not on their provider list.

What is the best way to make an appointment?

Please call me at (949) 837 6970. You will talk to me directly as I make all of my appointments personally. This allows you to talk with me and ask any questions you may have.

​What is your fee?

If you have insurance coverage, you will be responsible for only the co-pay or co-insurance amount. For those clients who are not going through their insurance carrier, my fee is $150 per hour. I also have a sliding fee scale for those who have true economic need.

What is your schedule?

I work with clients Monday through Friday. Some Saturday and Sunday appointments are also available.

How often would I see you?/How long do I need to be in therapy?

This is a difficult question to answer because every person is different and comes to therapy for a variety of reasons. Having been in the counseling field for over 30 years, there’s little I haven’t worked with — this enables the time in therapy to take less time on the average than more. The length of time is also influenced by how hard a person is ready at resolving the challenges they have.